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  11. bit by bit一点一点地,逐渐地

  Bit by bit they have given up everything else.他们一点一点地放弃了一切。
  12. little by little亦作by little and little逐渐地
  That ship sank little by little.那只船渐渐地沉下去。
  13. two by two两个两个地
  We walked out of the lab two by two.大家两个两个地走出实验室。
  14. week on week一周一周地
  Week on week we prepared for the concert.大家一周一周地准备音乐会。
  15. step by step一步一步地,逐渐地
  He rose step by step to a high position.他一步一步地登上了高位。
  We gain our knowledge step by step.大家的知识是逐渐获得的。
  16. word for word逐字逐句地
  We should not translate word for word.大家不应逐字翻译。
  He told me all you said, word for word.他一字不差地把你说的话都告诉了我。
  17. face to face面对面地,当面
  We should discuss this problem face to face.大家应该面对面地研究研究这个问题。
  The two armies met face to face on the battlefield.两军在战场上短兵相接。
  18. arm in arm挽臂,携手
  The children ran down the road arm in arm.孩子们手挽手地沿着马路跑。
  Linda and John are strolling happily arm in arm.琳达和约翰臂挽臂高高兴兴地散步。
  19. back to back背靠背地
  The children are standing back to back in long rows.孩子们正一排排背靠背地站着。
  20. shoulder to shoulder肩并肩地,齐心协力地
  They walked shoulder to shoulder.他们并肩而行。
  We can win the game if we all stand shoulder to shoulder.如果大家齐心协力,便能赢得此赛。
  21. hand in hand手拉手,结合
  War and misery go hand in hand.战争与苦难永不分开。
  Theory should go hand in hand with practice.理论应该与实践结合在一起。
  22. hand to hand短兵相接,逼近
  In modern naval warfare, men seldom fight hand to hand.在现代海战中,很少有短兵相接的场面。
  23. hand over hand双手交替地
  He is letting out the rope hand over hand.他双手交替着节节放出绳索。
  24. side by side并排地,肩并肩
  Old and new ideas may exist side by side.新旧观念可以相辅相成。
  The two branches of the river run side by side.这条河的两条支流并排流着。
  25. mouth to mouth口对口地
  The doctor gave the boy mouth to mouth resuscitation.医生对男孩进行人工呼吸,使其苏醒过来。
  26. heart to heart推心置腹地,亲切地
  We had a heart to heart talk yesterday.昨天大家谈心了。
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