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  1. all in all总而言之,最爱的人或物
  All in all, her condition is greatly improved.总而言之,她的情况有了很大好转。
  Her daughter is all in all to her in the world.在这个世界上,她的女儿是她最爱的人。
  2. day by day每天,天天
  Things go on day by day.事物天天在发展。
  Day by day he seems to grow a little stronger.他似乎一天天变得强壮起来。
  3. year by year一年一年地
  The process has increased in importance year by year.这个过程的重要性逐年增加了。
  Year by year his fortunes improve.他的命运每年都在好转。
  4. year after year年复一年,年年
  They have made new inventions year after year.他们年年都搞出了新的发明。
  5. day after day日复一日地,继续不断地
  She hates doing the same thing day after day.她不愿意日复一日地做同样的事。
  Day after day she is looking forward to the picnic.她日复一日地盼望郊游的到来。
  6. hour after hour一小时又一小时地,连续地
  Hour after hour passed without rescue forthcoming.一小时又一小时地过去了,救援还没有来。
  So it goes on, hour after hour.就这样继续下去。
  7. time after time几次三番,再三
  He told me time after time to give up smoking.他几次三番地叫我戒烟。
  8. from day to day天天,从一天到另一天
  The weather is unpredictable, it changes from day to day.天气无法预测,一天一个样。
  9. from time to time时常,不时,偶而
  From time to time we invite experts to give lectures at our university.大家不时地请专家来校讲课。
  That student looked out of the window from time to time.那个学生不时地向窗外看。
  10. one by one一个一个地,逐个地
  One by one small companies went out of business.小企业纷纷倒闭。
  They came through the gate one by one.他们依次从大门进入。
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