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 love in your eyes(驿动的心)

I get lost deep in your eyes,
and I feel my spirits high,
just like the air floating with the wind,
is this love that I am in.
I get weak just in a glance ,
is this some kind of romance.
and now I know cause when I am lost,
I just can't simply let it pass.
oh..love in your eyes,
I just can't deny,
just when I thought,
I'm getting over you,
love in your eyes,
finally make me realise.
you are the one that can only make me lost in your eyes.
love grows (跟着感觉走)
just feel the rhythm  and follow where I go,
raining days are gone and sunshine is here,
life is full of happiness and joy,
gonna sprend my wings and fly up to the sky.
 so stay beside me and whisper words of love,
 tell me that you love me now and forever,
 let us share the love we have today,
 gonna stay right here until you take my love and,
 don't you know love grows stronger everyday ,
 always on my mind no matter where I go,
 oh..don't you know love grows,stronger everyday,
 we'll be together till the end of time,ooh...
love theme 1990 (恋曲1990)
baby when I feeling blue I keep thinking of you ,
maybe one day you will see my sweet dreams come true,
when I call you on the phone I get worried inside try so hard to tell the words I'm longing to say.
whenever I meet you girl,
I don't know what to say,
I just love the way you smile that makes me feel fine,
when I get so close to you I can feel your heartbeat.
how I love to see your smile looking so shy.
everything is clear to see that you are in love with me,giving me a destiny that I can't reach .
being with a lady like you I'll never ask for more,
give me something I can hold on till the end of time.
another try  (一场游戏一场梦)
tell me dear that you love me and I will leave you alone forever,
you know my heart's been aching all the while.
what has happened to our love or is there some-one else in your life,
you know I need you badly here tonight.
why can't we give our love another try,
I think of you almost everyday and night.
I know our love deserve a second chance,
please baby give our love another try I know you love me when I look in your eyes,
and I will always love you though enter native.
oo...why should we say goodbye,
when our love hasn't died,
won't you stay with me tonight before our love subside,
think of the good time we shared before,
and you will realise,
we had a special kind of love that our love has ever tried.
broken hearts and dreams (其实你不懂我的心)
when we said goodby you started to cry your look seemed so worried inside,
I could never love this way again the time when you said we were through.
I could never cry again like I died the time when yu were gone and I felt alone.
all the broken hearts and dreams were over my love,t
here was nothing that we both could do,
time keep dragging on forever's been gone,
you know that my heart has been so alone.
don't wanna live without you (半梦半醒之间)
now you've gone forever and I don't know how and it drove me out of my mind ,
always thinking whatever meant to me,
doesn't really matter to you.now it's been so long since I hold you in my arms and my heart really felt so warm.
 All the time since you have been gone my girl,
 thought about you almost everynight.
 I don't wanna find some one new,I don't wanna live without you,
 so deep in my heart so deep in my mind oo...
 I thought you would be mine though the truth was so hard to come by.
feel my heart,feel my soul (忘了你,忘了我)
standing in the dark and wish that I could see the light ,
won't you just be my guiding light.I need your love to feel my loneliness inside,
I'm longing for your love to stay almost everyday.
standing in the cold and waiting for a girl like you ,
my heart so hurt deep down inside.I get the feeling so strong
I just can't deny,
don't wanna let you go my love finally,
you're gone.
you took my heart and soul just when I needed you most,you left me standing in the dark out in the cold lonely night.
you took my heart and go far away so far away,
I need you love to ease my mind and to feel my heart feel my soul.
one more kiss (萍聚)
one more night and then we will say goodbye,everything is gonna be alright,
how I hate to see teardrops in your eyes,
cause it makes me feel so bad inside.
though you've tried to give thousand promises but it's hard to keep all our love alive,
one more kiss and then (ah..)
we will say goodbye(goodbye)
please don't let me see your crying  eyes,
(sad to see your crying eyes)
forever (我很丑,可是我很温柔)
moment by monment day after day trying your best to forget ,
each and everyday it's part of the past,you've really got no more time for regrets.
time to start over with someone new,
you've really got nothing else to lose,
but there is someone who still needs your love to survive.
Forever,you'd always be the one life without you I can't go on so do believe,tomorrow,
you'd change your mind and stay for me,
tell me who needs a tomorrow,when we both got tonight
you don't have to say goodbye (大约在冬季)
you must leave and I know you will I just keep starring in your eyes,wonder what to do wonder what to say ,
wonder why must you go away.
all the love that we have been through I just can't simply let it go,
tell me what to do tell what to say when I really need you love to stay.
you don't have to say goodnight I can see love deep in your eyes,
you don't have to say goodbye I just can't let you go tonight.
world without your love (一世情缘)
if I were the lonely one I would be the only one ,
try to save my love for my loved on.
if I were the lucky one I would be the only one hold you close to my arms til the morning comes.
 can't you see that I'm so longing for your love tonight,don't close your eyes and say goodnight.
 if the world runs out of love if my world's without your love,
 how can I hold on to all the dreams.
 we've made ,
 if the world runs out of love,
 if my world's without your love ,
 how can I go on and tell me how can I dream on
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